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At Dream Homes Ltd. living is our passion. That’s why we strive to be the best construction and development company in New Jersey. Several decades of experience in the New Jersey market have made us experts in building and developing residential real estate.

Building Your Dream Home Is His Passion.
Vince Simonelli is the majority owner of Dream Homes, Ltd., a company that develops and builds new single-family homes and townhomes, and completes home elevation projects throughout New Jersey.

Prior to Storm Sandy, he had constructed over 1500 new homes and apartments since 1993. “Since Storm Sandy, a majority of our work has been on elevation projects, as well as demolition and the building of new homes,” he says. “We have completed over 150 home elevations.”

Vince has always been actively involved in real estate, at first on a smaller scale with rentals and single-family homes that he would renovate and eventually sell.
In 1993, he purchased his first development and since that time has completed over 200 developments from approvals of raw land, installation of roads and utilities, through to sale and construction of finished homes.

  • RREM Path B Specialists
  • New Homes & Renovations
  • Home Elevations & Moves
  • Helical & Timber Pilings
  • All Concrete & Foundations
  • Engineering & Survey Services
  • Licensed & Insured
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