New Home House Plans

New Home Construction in Toms River, NJ

 We provide new home construction in Toms River, NJ. Contact our home builder in Toms River, NJ, to schedule a consultation. 

Dream Homes & Development Corp. is currently in development with a 58-unit town home development in Lacey Township, NJ.  Construction is expected to begin in early 2019.  Dream also has under development 13 new single-family homes in Bayville, NJ that is slated to begin construction in late 2019.

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At Dream Homes, our experience with new construction is what separates us from other new home builders and home improvement contractors in NJ. Dream Homes and its management team have completed over 1,600 new home projects in 220 major subdivisions since 1993, including site built and modular single-family homes, town homes & condominiums.  In addition, since Storm Sandy in 2012, we’ve completed over 250 home elevation, renovation and new construction projects with 28 projects currently in progress.

Whatever your home construction needs, Dream Homes can help. Whether you need to demolish and rebuild a 900-square foot vacation home or build a 4,000 square-foot custom home on your lot, we can provide complete turnkey solutions.  We commonly use our professional design build team to develop a custom plan that meets our client’s exact requirements.  Dream handles all engineering and survey requirements, architectural design and brings your project all the way to moving you into your home.

We offer a complete inventory of house plans of all sizes, including many that have been specifically designed for waterfront and water view properties.  Sizes range from 520 square feet to over 3,500 square feet.  Since most of our plans are digital, making changes to suit your individual taste is easy and cost effective.

At Dream Homes, we’ve built more new homes in NJ than any other local builder you may be considering.  Let us bring our experience, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to your new home construction project.  Contact us today at 609-693-8881.