Dream Homes & Development Corp. (DHDC), based in Forked River, New Jersey, is a full service building and development Company which operates primarily in the coastal regions of New Jersey.  DHDC are licensed new home builders and general contractors who are actively raising, renovating and reconstructing homes up and down the New Jersey shore area.  Dream is equipped to complete all aspects of a building project, from design, architectural and engineering services through all aspects of residential construction.  The Company is a SEC fully reporting company: (OTC: VRTR).

Hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey shore area in 2012. Since 2013, Dream has completed approximately 170 elevation, renovation and new construction projects.  It is anticipated that the company will complete 50 to 60 more during 2017 and that number should increase steadily for the foreseeable future.  Storm Sandy affected over 35,000 households through New Jersey, all of which need to be elevated and renovated or demolished and rebuilt.  Dream Homes & Development Corp. offers construction & development services in all of their variations and conservatively anticipates completing 75+ renovation & elevation projects per year for the next 15 years.

In addition to the renovation and elevation division of the company, Dream currently has several new home properties under contract and in development.  These new developments include 13 single family homes, 58 townhomes and 68 waterfront townhomes, all located in the Ocean County area of New Jersey.  These developments are projected to be through engineering and to start in the late 2017 & early 2018 time periods and estimated to add approximately $28,000,000 in gross sales.  Dream anticipates that within 24 months the company’s revenue stream will be evenly divided between renovation/elevation work and new home construction.

CEO Vince Simonelli has been writing a blog for the last 48 months entitled “Dream Homes Nearly Famous Rebuilding Blog”.  The blog has been extremely popular with affected Sandy victims and is a constant source of new business for Dream Homes & Development Corp., as well as a reliable reference guide to affected homeowners.  Dream Homes & Development Corp. also hosts monthly seminars up and down the state, where they bring together the entire professional team, including engineer, architect, attorney and construction professional.  These seminars are provided as a service to the respective communities and have proven to be extremely popular with homeowners.

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