House Elevation Raising in NJ by an Expert Home Elevation Contractor

General Contractor in Toms River, NJ

Since Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, our home builder in Toms River, NJ, has been completing turn-key elevation and structural moving projects, from the simple to the most demanding.  With the introduction of the new FEMA flood elevations, as well as the latest international building codes, tens of thousands of homeowners in New Jersey and other coastal states must elevate their homes for safety, compliance and flood insurance savings.  Our general contractor in Toms River, NJ, continues to be one of the leaders in the field of house raising in NJ.

Dream Homes is one of the few remaining home elevation and structural moving contractors and the best in the field.  We offer complete, turn-key house lifting solutions, including project consultation, soil and feasibility studies, engineering and architectural design, and a complete range of construction services through to project completion.  With our professional team, we elevate homes, move homes and return them to new foundations and complete structural moves from one lot to a new location.  Often an entire above- ground basement is created, as well as new elevated decks with amazing views, both of which add value and quality of living to your home.  Dream Homes manages the entire house lifting process from start to finish, creating a beautiful new elevated home for you to enjoy, with minimum stress for you.

Most importantly, with over 120 years of combined general construction, structural and mechanical experience, we have the knowledge to address the most complex issues that face home elevation contractors during a project.  Elevating or moving houses & buildings is a very complicated process, involving soil and foundation analysis, structural analysis of floors, walls and girders and movement and rearranging of utilities to conform to new base flood elevations.  In addition to the special challenges of house raising and structural moving, there is also the coordination of material, skilled craftsmen, equipment and township inspections.  Since 2013, we’ve completed over 250 successful home elevation projects, including over 35 “rescues” where Dream was hired to repair or finish another contractor’s work.

Whether you are planning a simple vertical house elevation to meet new flood requirements, moving your home to another lot (either temporarily or permanently) or elevating an entire commercial building, you can trust Dream Homes to handle your entire project.  Contact us today for more information at 609-69