Home Renovation in Toms River, NJ

We provide home renovations in Toms River, NJ, and throughout the state of New Jersey. 

iRenovation by an Experienced Home Improvement Contractor in NJ!  Often, an elevation project involves home renovations  that are best done while your house is being elevated and is under construction.  Whether it is adding composite decks, changing a kitchen or bath, adding a room over your garage or creating useful storage and leisure space under your house, Dream Homes offers the full spectrum of home renovation services. Contact our home builder in Toms River, NJ  to make an appointment.

With a number of in-house crews, including carpentry, heating and air, plumbing, sheet rock and painting, Dream is well equipped to handle any home renovation you can imagine, and offer a positive dimension to your house lifting project.  We commonly provide provisions for elevators or wheelchair lifts when preparing architectural and engineering plans, whether they are installed during the project or to be completed in the future.  Completing renovations and alterations that you’ve been considering for years often compensates for the necessity of doing a home elevation project.

In addition to the home renovations listed above, Dream offers full service storm damage restoration and storm damage construction services.  If your home has been flooded or damaged during a storm event, we can handle the process from the very start, insuring that the storm damage repairs are completely correctly to the latest building, wind, storm & flood codes.

Once you realize that you need to elevate your storm damaged home, that’s the time to plan other home renovations that you’ve been wanting for years.  Dream Homes specializes in evaluating and reviewing your options and offering the most cost-effective options that offer you the most benefit in both resale value and quality of life.  You can feel confident trusting Dream Homes with all your home renovation and storm damage restoration needs.

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