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House Lifting NJ Professionals

Let the Experts Take Care of Your House Lifting NJ Project.

It is well-known that Super Storm Sandy had a devastating impact in NJ.  Among other damages, over 300,000 homes were either damaged or destroyed by the storm.  Years later, residents still find themselves trying to figure out what to do with their homes in order to protect against such devastation from future storms.  Many people consider house lifting in NJ as one way to protect against future damage.

Dream Homes & Development Corp. is a Forked River, NJ based company that offers a full range of construction services, with expertise in NJ house lifting.   We understand that the house lifting process can be daunting and that it sparks many questions and uncertainties.  Our team is here for you to help simplify the complex regulations and make the house lifting NJ process less confusing.

From design to finish, we are equipped to handle all your house lifting NJ needs in conformance with the new Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standards for Flood Zone construction, as well as the latest IBC (International Building ).  We have been in the business of helping homeowners with their NJ house lifting needs for 20 years.  The staff at Dream Homes & Development Corp. understands that your home is a valuable asset and that every project must be conducted with the utmost care.  Our team treats each home as if it were our own and our staff calls upon our experience in the industry to ensure quality and expert work.

As NJ house lifting experts, Dream Homes & Development Corp. is highly involved in the industry.  We offer seminars on a regular basis to our peers and provides daily tips via a blog on raising, moving, and rebuilding at the new flood elevations.  We have the proven experience to expertly lift your home in a safe and professional manner, delivering a finished product that is unrivaled.

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