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At Dream Homes & Development Corporation, living is our passion. That’s why we strive to be the best construction and development company in New Jersey. Several decades of experience in the New Jersey market have made us experts in building and developing residential real estate.

We are a fully integrated real estate company specializing in rebuilding of damaged homes from “Storm Sandy”, home elevations, development and construction of townhouses, single family homes and various residential properties located in the central to southern part of New Jersey.

Since 2013, Dream Homes & Development Corp. has completed approximately 180 elevation, renovation and new construction projects with about 28 currently in progress. It is anticipated that the company will complete 50 to 60 during 2018, and that number should increase steadily for the foreseeable future. Storm Sandy affected over 35,000 households through New Jersey, all of which need to be elevated and renovated or demolished and rebuilt.

We are contracted to develop and build a 60-unit town home development in Lacey Township, NJ over the next two years valued at $12 to $14 million. Construction is expected to begin in mid to late 2017. Dream has plans to build a development of 13 new single family homes in Bayville, NJ that is slated to begin construction in spring 2018. Dream Homes & Development Corp. is a fully audited and publicly traded company.

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  • Our Team: Meet the management team of our NJ home improvement contractor. Led by Vincent Simonelli, an expert in all aspect of real estate, finance and construction, the team at Dream Homes Ltd. will make your construction experience painless. Learn more… 
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  • FAQ: When you have any questions about our home improvement contractor, including house elevation and renovation, new home construction, or selling land, visit our FAQ page. Learn more…

Whether you’re looking for a structural moving company or elevating your home, or need a demolition contractor to clear your lot and build a new site or custom modular home, you need an experienced company you can trust. Dream Homes is that company. To learn more about our NJ home improvement contractor, fill out our contact form today or call 609-489-7588.

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